Wellness and tradition drive food innovation

“Innovation and tradition may seem odd companions in the race for leading in the food industry. On the contrary, the latest trends confirm a clear consumer preference for traditional recipes, natural ingredients and everything that is good for the body and soul. Ancient grains, plant-based and dairy alternatives are the most frequent choices of consumers all over the world, according to research firm Mintel, which lists tradition and plant-based products among the top food trends of 2017.” keep reading…

The year of Italian Food has begun

“Italian Ministers Dario Franceschini (Culture) and Maurizio Martina (Agriculture) proclaimed 2018 as the National Year of Italian Food. Starting in January many events linked to Italy’s culture, food, and wine tradition will take place. All the events of the Year of Italian Food will be marked by an official logo that was presented for the first time some days ago during the announcement of the program.” Keep reading…

The future of Earth depends (also) on food

The eighth international food and nutrition forum organized on 4 and 5 December by Italian pasta giant Barilla at the Bicocca Hangar in Milan was – along with everything else – a different point of view from which to observe the phenomenon of migration. Representatives of the most important humanitarian organizations and institutions, opinion makers and university professors spoke about the crucial importance of food in the great changes that are affecting our planet globally. Starting with the “scourge” of great migrations: 5.4 million people in Central Europe and 4.5 million in Mediterranean Europe from 2010 to 2015 … Keep reading

Mozzarella enjoys summer revival

“Mozzarella, the most popular Italian cheese, has topped Cheddar to become the leader in the US dairy market, helped by its versatile use in many old and new recipes. American consumers eat 5 kg of mozzarella cheese per capita every year, followed by Brazilians and Italians, who consume around 3 kg, according to the Italian milk and dairy association Assolatte”.

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The ability to manage an ancient art

The Production Manager of  Caseificio La Villanella, enabling the Company performance targets, decided to take part in the course for Casaro, organized in collaboration with the Consortium for the Protection of Mozzarella di bufala Campana D.O.P.

This educational opportunity, as well as having given more theoretical skills that the learner will use during her work, gave her practical skills that will contribute to the Company’s growth in the management of customer requests.

Let’s take a look at the small part of course in which it is realized the spinning phase.

Our participation in Foodex Japan 2016 (TOKYO)

– The conquest of the Far East –

With a delegation composed of four formidable girls, all extremely powerful and irreplaceable, the dairy La Villanella has crossed the doors of the Country of the Rising Sun.

The experience was very interesting and exciting, and has allowed us to exhibit our products in one of the most important fairs in terms of visitors and the relevance covered in the sector.

In fact, the Foodex Japan, is a key event for professionals of the food and wine sector of the East-Asian and Oceanic regions.

I remember with fondness and excitement the months prior to the demonstration, but fears were allayed during the first day of the fair, in which we were able to capitalize on all the work that has accompanied the preparation of the Event.

In July 2015, when we decided to participate, they were many who try to distract us, but the conviction and dedication that characterizes the company’s internationalization policy that we are pursuing has given us the strength to persist and keep going.

The mere fact of having gone through eight time zones and being in contact with one of the most ancient cultures and still deeply depositories of their ancient traditions, has opened there, not only from a commercial point of view to the widening of our prospects, but especially with regard to the approach to a people so different, but extremely experienced traditions and Italian culture.

All this filled us with joy heart, leaving us an uncontrolled desire for emulation, opening us in our turn to their culture.

Of course, during the event, including our products, the undisputed queen was the famous buffalo mozzarella, well known by anyone in the world.

To our surprise, however, another of our products has had, if not the same, but equal fanfare and acclaim mozzarella.

I refer to Villanetto, our loyal customers, know him well, both in the classic version (without fillings) and stuffed with nuts, rosemary, rocket, red pepper and olives.

This product has been praised and sought and, moreover, has made us proud of the hard work, so much so that as soon as it was tasted, you heard the word:

“Oishi” that is DELICIOUS!

All this has made us proud and satisfied with the work.

Tokyo has left us in awe for the kindness and helpfulness of its people, the beauty of Shinto temples, women in Kimono, nonchalantly, traveling by subway and poetry performed by the blossoming cherry trees that describe fully the beauty and the Japanese philosophy.

I can only say goodbye thanking hint of a shy



Great idea

Mozzarella in Carrozza – Nigella Lawson

This is a recipe from Nigella Bites, posted in response to a recipe request.


  • 6slices white bread, crusts removed
  • mozzarella cheese, cut into approximately 1/4 inch slices, then strips (1 fist-sized ball)
  • 12cup whole milk
  • 14cup all-purpose flour
  • 1egg
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil (for frying, not extra-virgin)


  1. Make sandwiches out of the bread and mozzarella, leaving a little margin around the edges unfilled with cheese, and press the edges together with your fingers to help seal.
  2. (One of the advantages of soft white bread is that it is easily smushed together.) Pour the milk into one soup bowl, the flour into another, and beat the egg with salt and pepper in another.
  3. Warm the oil in a frying pan over medium heat.
  4. Dunk the sandwiches briefly, one by one, in the milk, then dredge in the flour, then dip in the beaten egg.
  5. Fry in hot oil on each side till crisp and golden and remove to a paper towel.
  6. Cut in half and apply to face.